Here are the first results of my yesterday's shooting in magical and gloomy style at 4 degrees in drizzle in the scorched remains of the forest on top of the ridge of Gran Canaria. Thanks to Haramis Kalfar.

Split-side Dress Sichelfrau verbrannter Wald

In my last shoot I was supposed to show myself in different fashion looks in the dunes.
Time a nice change to the otherwise rather unclothed shootings at this location.
Thanks to Jan Hinkes

Bademode DünenAbendmode

For a long time I had not shot anything in the fetish area.
But now it was time again.
Thanks for the shoot with Kinkcanary Entertainment.
In the near future, the video will be posted on the Freaksinside website.

In my latest nude shoot with photographer Clemens Peters in the dunes of Maspalomas many nice photos have come out.


Yesterday I was a mermaid and posed partially nude in one of the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria. As a conclusion, I jumped into the water.
In addition, the photographer Haramis Kalfar took photos with the drone and some snapshots as advertising for his successful fishing bait

Mermaid shooting_1Mermaid shooting_2Mermaid of the Sea_2MermaidMermaid_1Mermaid_2Mermaid_3Mermaid of the Sea_1Needle Stick

Thanks to the photographer Mirgol for the pictures from our shoot.
A small trip through the locations of Gran Canaria.

Landmädchen Presa Gambuesa  Gambuesa Ausblick Staumauerrustikales Eigenheim Wetlook am Meer Abendlicht

New photo in the Dessous Gallery

From the shoot at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife.
Thanks to Adam Tissot


Update Nude-Gallery:
Here new nude photos. Freshly shot on Tuesday by Dieter Kreye. In the rocky coast of Gran Canaria.
Brandungshöhlerocky coast

These are the first results of my first shooting after the accident and the hospital.
Recorded in Las Palmas on 08/01/2017. My scars are not retouched.

Thanks to Photographer: CBR


 back againResurrection

A tragic accident:
I spent six weeks in hospital because of a fall while riding my horse. I don’t remember either the accident or the first four weeks in hospital. I only know what I have been told.

My accident:

I was riding my horse, which suddenly slipped and fell on top of me. Apart from head injuries, I have a broken collar bone, a broken rib and a broken skull, as well as scratches.
My Friend was riding ahead of me and he provided first aid and called the ambulance, and I ended up in intensive care.
I had to have an operation on my head.

4 weeks in an induced coma:

They made several attempts to awaken me from the coma induced by the doctors, but each time I woke up, I would take out the tubes, wires and cannulas. This behaviour extended my stay in intensive care to 4 weeks, flat on my back, fed through a tube and held to the bed with restraints.
I also suffered infections, including pneumonia and other pathogens.